Vaal University of Technology – NESP Scholar / Internship: Transportation – Railway Engineering

FACULTY: Engineering and Technology

DEPARTMENT: Civil Engineering and Building

POST: NESP Scholar/Intern: Transportation – Railway Engineering POSTNo: 2457


The department of Civil Engineering, Vaal University of Technology, through the Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme
(NESP) is seeking to recruit individuals with demonstrated academic ability and have a passion in following the academic
career. The NESP Scholarship/Internship is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The incumbent will be required to: {KPA’S}
 Successfully complete a 3 year, 2 stage programme that include completing the Masters programme in a maximum of
two (2) years, and completing a 1 year academic internship programme directly thereafter. The Masters studies must
be undertaken full time, and be completed in a maximum time of two (2) years. The Masters studies should be
undertaken at a local university or a university abroad.
 During Stage 1 (Masters Scholarship), be involved in academic activities in the department, such as tutoring and
 During Stage 2 (Academic Internship)

o Teach and assess at Diploma: Civil Engineering level for the subjects/modules in the discipline of
Transportation Engineering, Railway Engineering speciality
o Improve on the current content of the teaching material for the subjects/modules in the discipline of
Transportation Engineering, Railway Engineering speciality in line with the industry trends
o Participate in teaching development and research development opportunities offered by the university
o Prepare at least one paper for publication based on the masters study, and to present the paper at a
conference; and
o Prepare for/embark on doctoral studies

Application Criteria:

 A BSc/BEng (Honours) degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering speciality) or a BTech degree in Civil
Engineering (Transportation Engineering speciality) with a minimum average of 70% attained in the Honours or BTech
 Age 35 years or younger
 South African citizen

 Civil Engineering competence in the field of specialisation (Transportation Engineering); Communication skills
(verbal and written); Quality control; Ability to work independently

Closing date for applications: 22 July 2020

Submit CV by hand to Carmen Titus at B103 or e-mailed to

Please Note: The application must be accompanied by a CV, identity document and ORIGINAL certified copies (not older than
3 months) of educational qualifications. Submission of such copies entitles Vaal University of Technology to authenticate the
qualifications without any further consent from the applicant. Candidates with foreign qualifications must also submit the
South African equivalent of the qualification.

These qualifications are evaluated by SAQA. Vaal University of Technology is an
equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, which is committed to the implementation of its employment equity plan.
Therefore, people from designated groups are encouraged to apply. If you are not contacted within three weeks after the
closing date, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.