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About us

As we have entered into a new decade with the year 2024, it is time to change our approach to job vacancies and applications. A well-calculated recruitment approach can determine some smart recruitment goals. By setting smart recruitment goals, employers are able to discover the best talent with a promising future.

Community information desk is a personal blog owned by individuals, with the aim of helping Job Seekers regardless of their geographical origin to find jobs mainly in South Africa.

We are a rapidly growing network of youthful, inspired, and intellectual individuals connected through digital spaces to help eradicate unemployment in South Africa. We are defined by our desire to see the youth of South Africa succeed in competitive spaces, both locally and internationally.

Society has a bias regarding self-employment or entrepreneurship holding greater glory than working for someone or an entity. Although the contributions of entrepreneurs to the economy can’t be disregarded as their companies create jobs for people, this is not to say that they should be held on a pedestal.

To find a decent well paying job in today’s economy, most workers need some level of specialized qualification, knowledge, and skills, but it is not easy to figure out what specializations are in demand now and are likely to be needed in the future. Choosing poorly has long-term career consequences.

Today, many workers work part-time while balancing other money-making opportunities such as digital work and after-hours engagements, creative work or freelance gigs. Part-time employment typically consists of a minimum of 20 hours (but under 40 hours) of work per week. Which can leave one feeling burnt out. This convenient schedule is attractive to many, especially those who earn a decent profit in contract work on the side.

We believe in a culture of success and innovation. In addition to qualifications and degrees, we possess talents and aspirations that contribute to the country’s diversity.

Our objective is to provide vacancies, career advice, employer’s interview tips, and to develop a career networking website, which is a modern way for employers to advertise the latest job openings in their organization over the internet. community information desk also facilitates the job-seekers to interact, follow up with professional networks, search for jobs and apply for these jobs online. We provide employers with low-budget cost-effective resume search and job posting options for the companies to best fit their job requirements.

Community information desk operates from South Africa – Johannesburg and offers 24/7 support from our site.

We publish posts from Government Departments, State-Owned Entities, Municipalities, Water boards, and Private Institutions.

We are not a recruitment agency, we only publish vacancies collected from various sources such as websites, newspapers, employers, and community boards to simplify the process of job searching.

We have vacancies in entry positions, graduate-level, senior-level, and top executive level. Online Job portal websites are very helpful & time-saving for job seekers.

As community information desk portal, we maintain our trust with job seekers and employers by keeping their information confidential & safe. We do not share your personal information anywhere. We can only share job profiles with the recruiters which have been vetted.

Enquiries can be directed at : admin@communityinformationdesk.co.za

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