Terms of service

Community information desk is blog which is owned by the individual with the aim of helping job-seekers to find the jobs simply through our website without the hassle. We are not employers or recruiters, we are acting sorely on the intentions of reducing unemployment amongst the South African youth by providing them with the vacancies collected from various sources which includes websites, community boards, social medias and etc.

Community information desk does not request any payment of some sort from individuals visiting our website for job search and any person visiting our website shall do so freely. Should any individual be requested to do upfront payment in the name of community information desk you are required to report such behaviour immediately to our Admins at: admin@communityinformationdesk.co.za.

We have multiple subdomains under community information desk which are managed by different admins therefore if any individual has complaint and or suspect misleading information through our desks you may report such behaviour immediately with that subdomain under their contact form provided and such behaviour should be attended immediately.

It is on the sole responsibility of the individual using or visiting community information desk website to check the posts published to ensure legitimacy and their safety from employers inviting them for interviews and short test. community information desk does not take the responsibility of any individual attending the interviews and so forth.

We are strongly advising our website visitors to ensure that every posts they are applying for, to do background checks in terms of legitimate, however we (community information desk) ensure that every post being published are legit.