Statistics South Africa – Data Capturing X89

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) provides scientific knowledge that enables society to understand
complex socio-economic phenomena. It draws its mandate from the Statistics Act, 1999 (Act No 6
of 1999) and POPI Act 2013 (Act 4 of 2013). Stats SA strives to excel in the following five
competencies: ● Intellectual capability to lead the scientific work of statistics ● Technological competence
for purposes of large-scale processing and for complex computations and accessibility of information to
the public ● Logistical competence for deployment of (forward and reverse) logistics of large-scale field
operations and for strategic choices regarding operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness ● Political
competence in understanding the political environment without being political or politicised (commitment of
delivery without fear of favour) ● Administrative competence: the ability to bring it all together.
Register on our database for contract employment opportunities
NB: Applicants who previously registered on the new HR contract database in 2019 need
to update their information accordingly.
Stats SA undertakes various surveys and projects, for example, Census, Community Survey, Labour Force
Survey, General Household Survey, amongst others. From time to time these surveys and projects require
that contract staff be employed. You are invited to register online for inclusion on the database used to
identify potential candidates for these contract positions as and when required. As the projects are
conducted in every area of the country, people of every racial group and from all areas are encouraged to
Location: Contract employment opportunities exist in different provinces and districts nationwide.
Contract: An employment contract stipulating duration, job content, remuneration and other
conditions, will be provided when opportunities for such contract employment arise.
Working tools: Those that will be employed and are issued with work tools, will be paid after the tools have
been returned.
Area of work: Opportunities for contract employment usually arise as outlined below –
Area of work Duties Required skills / competencies
 Fieldwork/Data
 Going door-todoor to collect
information from
 Good communication skills
 Driver’s license will be an added
 Computer literacy
 Data capturing  Capturing of
 Computer literacy
 Minimum typing speed of 35
 95% accuracy
 Data processing  Sorting, coding
and quality
checking of forms
or any documents
 Computer literacy
 Clerical and
 General
administrative and
 Relevant administrative skills
 Computer literacy
 Supervisory  Supervision of any
of the above
categories where
 Supervisory experience
 Driver’s license (if applicable)
To register click here
General requirements:
The applicant must:
 have a minimum of a Senior Certificate (Matric or equivalent).
 be proficient in any of the 11 official languages.
 be willing to work over weekends and outside of normal office hours.
 be an RSA citizen with no criminal record.
How to apply:
 Applicants are required to upload the following document when they apply.
Proof of home/residential address (eg Lease agreement, Affidavit, Tribal Authority letter,
Municipality bill, clothing account bill and others).
 Any registration without the above-mentioned supporting document will be regarded as
incomplete and the applicant will not be able to complete the registration on the database.
 Applicants who are invited for training will be required to submit certified copies of ID,
Matric certificates and driver’s license if applicable. Documents must have been certified
within 6 months before submission.
Stats SA will:
 Verify an applicant’s documents and/or reference checking which will form part of the
recruitment process.
 Subject short-listed applicants to a competency test and/or training assessment.
Please note the following:
 Statistics South Africa reserves the right to accept or reject an applicant’s registration.
 Applicants in censuses and surveys will be appointed within their local communities as no transport
will be provided.
 An applicant must disclose if he/she is a director/shareholder of a company or conducts any
business as a sole proprietor.
 An applicant must disclose if his/her company is doing business with any government
 An applicant must give consent to Stats SA to utilise his/her personal information for any other
recruitment purposes.
For any enquiries please contact: Khoza Sarah 012 310 8097/ More Omphile 012 310 8504
Closing date for HR contract database registration is 31 March 2020