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Career Opportunities: Senior Technician Limpopo (10990)

Position Title             : Senior Technician

Report Line                : Sectional Lead: Technical Services

Division                      :  RRTO

Scale Code                :  402

Position Id                 : 60018325



Effective & efficient support of technology, operations and resources to install, sustain and provide administration of broadcast systems/ facilities, equipment, servers and networks in order to ensure optimum, functional, secure and available facilities/ equipment for SABC Technology.


  • Contribute (technical) submissions to Divisional Strategy in alignment with the Corporate Plan and the Target Operating Model.
  • Contribute to the business strategical requirement to develop the Opex and Capex investments
  • Capex and Opex involvement to input into the project scope development,
  • Participate in Capex project and system implementations, commissioning and workflows to deliver on functional requirements and avoid on-air disruptions.
  • Submission of Minor Capex & Opex inputs into departmental budget
  • Opex motivation submissions to ensure maintenance and systems sustainability.
  • Minor Capex motivation submissions to ensure new requirements are addressed.
  • Long-term Capex motivational planning assistance
  • Agreed % of targets met; Agreed % of resources, equipment and facility availability.
  • Above average rating of SLA
  • Products, processes, practices & equipment in line with SABC technical & operational broadcast standards
  • Adhere to service delivery standards and assist the team to achieve them.
  • Submission of ad-hoc incidence fault reports and resolutions to customers as required.
  • Prevention of on-air technical faults to less than agreed SLA %
  • Response time to match urgency for technical assistance in accordance with delivery requirements (in support of the % availability of the on-air systems)
  • Effective technical advice & support to users in order to reduce downtime.
  • Correct configuration & testing of digital equipment to ensure less than agreed % of technical on-air faults.
  • Compliance of upgrades with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications to ensure integrations with internal broadcasts systems.
  • Participating in preliminary research activities on the best practises, cutting edge technologically advancements and enhancements to improve facility efficiency, effectivity and sustainability.
  • Contributing and implementing fit-for-purpose innovative solutions in dialog with digital partners to create resolutions with principal team members.
  • Contribute to the specification requirements in line with customer requirements & Company Procurement policy & procedures.
  • Escalate Risk findings reported with corrective treatment plans.
  • Ensure adherence to OHS and compliance with SABC Company Policies & Procedures
  • Maintain discipline in accordance with company policies & procedures.
  • Compliance with OEM software licenses
  • SOP developments to ensure broadcast sustainability and business continuity.
  • 95% of assets verified annually.
  • Participate in annual asset verification exercise (manual or scan)
  • Customers served in technical proficient, friendly and helpful manner.
  • Maintain compliance of services rendered with customer request and address non-conformance.
  • Technical assistance & guidance to customers regarding capability of facilities and to provide best alternative options.
  • Attended resolutions to customer requests/ complaints.
  • Compliance with performance management policies and procedures
  • Performance agreements with manager annually
  • Formal reviews conducted with manager and documented as per deadlines (Quarterly)
  • Ad-hoc technical and operational presentation and training (In-house) provided on an ongoing basis.


  • 3 year National Diploma (S4/T3) in Electrical Engineering (Light Current, Communications, Computer Studies or Information Technology) (NQF6)
  • BTech for the Electrical Engineering for the above formal qualification ( will be an Advantage)
  • Driver’s License: OB – Code 10
  • Driver’s License: minimum B (specific to the Job Profile)
  • Minimum of 5 years’ relevant experience in the technical broadcast environment, of the 5 years a minimum of 1 year at a shift/standby competence (full performer) Technician level in technical maintenance, system support of broadcasting equipment and client services


  • IT Network knowledge Essential. Computer literate (A+) and Network knowledge (N+)
  • IT Network knowledge advantage CISCO CCNA (ICDN1 +ICDN2) certified.
  • Physical attributes: Excellent hearing and eyesight (no colour blindness). Physically able.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team and lead the team if required.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, i.e. Excel, Word, Outlook and Power Point.


Career Opportunities: Station Administrator: Lesedi FM (12140)


Main purpose of position
To ensure sound financial and administrative processes are provided to enable the effective day-to-day operations of the station.

Key Accountabilities
•Provide support to management and accurately capture discussions around the development and implementation of the channel’s business strategy.
•Capture ALL strategic documents of the station and file them accordingly.
•Plan, organize and control administrative activities pertaining to the specific area of operation.
•Prepare participants for strategy engagements – create templates, guidelines, and briefs.
. Manage the value chain around sourcing of new freelance contracts
•Processing of freelance payments.
•Processing of supplier payments.
•Facilitate travel bookings, process S&T and KM claims for reimbursement for staff and management team.
•Handle general queries relating to payments and administration of the station.
•Co-ordination of station manager’s diary – internal & external meetings.
•Timeous and accurate preparation and management of documentation.
•Development and effective management of a filing system – electronically and manually to ensure easy retrieval of information and all records.
•Ensuring that all sensitive documents and or information are appropriately secured.
•Draft memos, minutes and monthly reports.
•Arrange venues and refreshments for meetings.
•Accurately taking minutes and ensuring accurate typing of all correspondence and proof reading of official documents in a professional manner
•Coordination of meeting, farewell, workshops, refreshment and venues.
•Coordinate the station visits and direct them to the destinations.
•General office administration
•Adhere to SABC policies and procedures.
•Assist in the development of and ensure implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
•Respond to risk imperatives to protect organizational integrity, create value, prevent financial loss and ensure compliance with applicable policies and legislations.
•Compliance with OHS requirements.
•Attend to internal and external customers/clients queries/ complaints
•Determine and serve customers/clients’ needs
•Work in conjunction with all radio station units’ objectives.
•Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
•Contract on the SABC’s Performance Management System in accordance with the organizational policy and procedures
•Be a team player and be able to give leadership to the team when required
•Coach and mentor junior team members (where applicable)
•Take part in employee relations campaigns to ensure conducive and productive working environment.

•Matric and Certificate in Office Management/Administration or equivalent qualification (NQF Level 5)
•3 years’ experience in administrative role
•Proficiency in SAP system
•Basic understanding of broadcasting industry and media
• Filing system development and management
• Basic finance principles and PFMA understanding
. Minute taking
•Computer literacy (various office applications)
•Excellent communication (verbal and written) in English and Sesotho.
•Customer Service orientated/focused
•Problem solving
•Planning and organizing
•Time management
•Data & trend analyses and interpretation


Career Opportunities: Systems Administrators (11103)


Division:                     Technology

Department:               Radio and Regional Technology

Job Title:                    Position:                    Systems Administrator 

Scale Code:               404

Report Line:             Manager: Broadcast Systems and Innovation Hub

Position ID:               60018653


Main purpose of Position:

To install, configure and repair workstations and servers, support and maintain databases & provide operational support to users of the SABC Broadcast, Production and Music Scheduling Systems to ensure highly available systems/ facilities for 24/7 broadcast.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Contribute to (technical) submissions for Departmental Strategy in alignment with Corporate Plan and Target operating model.
  • Perform system installations and configurations as well as testing and commissioning of system functionality to deliver on customer needs.
  • Install workstations as per client needs (Edit, Production, On-air) in line with software manufacturer hardware specification.
  • Ability to install a playout workstation in any SABC studio or facility.
  • Install servers as per software manufacturer hardware specification.
  • Implement system upgrade plans, for Broadcast Systems (Playout, production and music Scheduling) remote connectivity and System Antivirus Software.
  • Perform the implementation of CAPEX projects by performing the required installations, configurations and system testing.
  • Prepare OPEX motivation and OPEX motivations for approval to ensure operational requirements (spares holding, equipment repairs and maintenance) are addressed.
  • Asset management tracking and transfers. Updated Asset Register maintained as per Company Asset Management policy. The Implementation of preventative and corrective system maintenance.
  • Agreed % of broadcast system availability and facilities for all SABC regions.
  • Above average rating on SLA (internal stakeholders).
  • Adhere to service delivery standards.
  • Systems, equipment, processes and workflows, in line with SABC technical & operational broadcast standards.
  • Execute their delivery of technical tasks (installation and configuration of workstations, servers, databases) to their completion on time and within agreed specifications.
  • Ensure standardization across areas of responsibility which are in line with departmental SOP’s and company policies.
  • Provide input to update technical documentation.
  • Technical inputs & specifications to support procurement of correct equipment and software.
  • Perform standby as and when required.
  • Prevention of re-occurring faults and system downtime.
  • Follow up on reported faults and communicate fault resolution timelines to client.
  • Provide input to update fault SOP.
  • Have the ability to communicate and diagnose faults with regional technicians.
  • Submission of ad-hoc fault reports detailing steps taken for fault resolution.
  • Daily and monthly reporting of faults, tasks, risks, red flag escalations and status progress of deliverables
  • Monthly report of maintenance and repairs conducted.
  • Accurate monthly reporting system downtime detailing, downtime, reasoning and missed advertising (recon) and deliverables (maintenance, repairs, system health and tasks).
  • Provide standby reports as per time management policy.
  • Prevention of on-air technical faults to less than agreed SLA % and system availability % (Target systems availability is 99.997%)
  • Ensure functional, streamlined and reliable systems.
  • Daily proactive system health checks against checklist & replacement of faulty components and corrective actions on failed processes.
  • Daily assessment of system through logs (database errors, system restarts, etc.) and system checks.
  • Daily backup of all radio\ TV broadcast production and music scheduling system (database, audio, system configurations) in line with broadcast continuity.
  • The Implementation of preventative and corrective system maintenance.
  • Compliance of maintenance with manufacturer specifications & system requirements.
  • Understand Broadcast workflows and technical drawings.
  • Effective technical support to users in order to reduce downtime.
  • Response time to match urgency for technical assistance in accordance with delivery requirements (in support of the % availability of the on air systems and broadcast studios).
  • Ensure virus free, secure, functional, streamlined and reliable Broadcast Systems.
  • Assist (when required) with rigging of broadcast systems & edit facilities, ensuring the functionality and subsequently dismantling of the complete infrastructure without existing facility disruptions.
  • Support (when required) all Outside Broadcast infrastructure in order to operate and adhere to technical, operational and safety specifications, functional facilities for successful recording, production and broadcast
  • Correct configuration & testing of systems and equipment (software) to ensure less than agreed % of technical on-air faults and system standardization across the playout and production system environment.
  • Create and maintain User groups (rights) as per client requirements.
  • Create and maintain system users as per IT security policy.
  • Create and maintain system categories as per user requirements and in compliance with system storage.
  • Ensure security updates tested and then applied.

Key Performance Skills

  • Report and escalate risk findings to manager.
  • Ensure adherence to OHS and compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Maintain discipline in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Comply with vendor software (OEM) licensing conditions.
  • SOP application to ensure to ensure standardization across the playout and production environment to eliminate audit findings.
  • Assist in the execution of a working Disaster Recovery Plan for the broadcast and production systems.
  • Ensure system compliance reports are available at all times (Broadcast report from playout system, ICASA\ SAMRO & SAMPRA from Music Scheduling system).
  • Ensure 95% of assets verified annually.
  • Perform annual asset verification.
  • Create and maintain relationships with Radio, News and Regional Technical Staff to ensure compliance with user requirements.
  • Internal Stakeholders served in a technically proficient, friendly and helpful manner.
  • Provide basic technical assistance and guidance to customers (Radio presenters, Music Compilers journalists, technical producers, News and Sales Traffic rooms) regarding software capability and functionality (including operational training when required).
  • Attend resolutions to customer requests\ complaints.
  • Internal client engagement regarding technical compliance.
  • Participation in OEM engagements to understand current and future based needs.
  • Respond to faults logged with Service provider in a timely manner (2 business days).
  • Compliance with performance management policies and procedures.
  • Performance agreements with manager annually.
  • Formal reviews conducted with manager and documented as per deadlines (Quarterly).

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3 Year National Diploma (S4) in Electrical Engineering (Light Current) or Computer Studies with Information Systems. NQF6 minimum.
  • Minimum 1 years technical experience.
  • Driver’s license.
  • The following certification will be advantageous: BTech or Bachelor’s Degree; IT Certification (A+ or N+), SQL Database Administration.
  • Must be willing to work irregular hours and enter into an overtime agreement to perform standby as and when required as per SABC Time Management Policy once you have acquired the necessary skills.


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