Handyman Permanent at SABC

SABC: Receptionist
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Handyman Permanent at SABC


  • Handyman Permanent at SABC

POSITION: Handyman (KZN)

Reporting line: Supervisor: Building

Division: Finance

Scale Code: 408

Position ID: 60020584

Closing Date: 12 March 2024


To provide General/Handyman services throughout the buildings.


  • Attend to general building & office repairs(Plumbing, paving, painting, brick work, laying of tiles and carpets, replace broken glass panes, inspecting the roof)
  • Responsible for Alterations of offices(Removal of partitions, installation of partitions and hanging of doors, replacement of ceiling tiles)
  • Inspect building & offices, report major defects to management(Walk around a 5 storey building and another 2 storey building, doing inspections)
  • Responsible for furniture removals and relocation within the building(Dismantle desks, carry desks and other furniture between offices and the workshop)
  • Perform minor repairs to office furniture(Carry broken furniture to the workshop, repair broken furniture)
  • Housekeeping(Stacking, collecting and disposal of rubble, tidying up of the workplace)
  • Setting up halls and meeting venues(Arranging chairs, tables and other equipment required in meeting venues)
  • Collecting and carrying banners and promotional material(Banners moved between offices and store rooms/vehicles)
  • Receiving of goods delivered in stores(Collect heavy items from reception to stores)
  • Assist the Electrician(Carry light bulbs and ladders, assist in changing lights in hard to reach places)
  • Assist in the physical asset verification when necessary.
  • Assist in the labeling/marking of the Corporationā€™s assets.
  • Assist with regard to opening of drains and cleaning of gutters.
  • Ability to see that standard safe practises and procedures in the work place are adhered to.
  • See that standard safe practises and procedures in the work place are adhered to.
  • Ability to ensure housekeeping, maintaining a good standard of neatness within designated area.



  • Grade 12
  • Certificate in plumbing/bricklaying/carpentry


  • Experience in general maintenance


  • Knowledge of fire protection reticulation equipment.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Understand of require tool of trade
  • Be paired to work in various environments with different disciplines.
  • Must be prepared to work overtime or odd shifts when required.
  • Ability to ā€œthink on your feetā€
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Ability to interact and communicate at all levels

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