Task Grade 03: R103 741.80 – R119 588.64 annum plus
the normal fringe benefits
 Secondary Level of Education
 Be of sound mind (mental fitness) and be fit
 Ability to clean and meet tight deadlines.
 Ability to work under maximum pressure
 1 – 3 Months experience
 Performs general laboring activities
associated with maintenance and repair and
repair work to roads using hand held
tools/machines to excavate defined areas,
laying materials and reinforcement products
and seal designated repair areas.
 Undertake general laboring tasks during road￾works and maintenance.
 Receiving instructions / guidance from the
Driver / Supervisor and attends to the
preparation of designated work site (e.g.
placing road signage, loading / off-loading
equipment, tools, etc) identified for repairs /
 Preparing road for repairs by squaring
/rounding or cutting rectangular area with
jackhammer, filling in crusher run with a
shovel, pouring over asphalt (hot/cold) and
flattening the area with a compactor. A
Bomag compactor is used for larger areas.
 Full Computer Literacy including MS Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other related
computer programmes.
 Code B driver’s licence.
 Minimum of 2 Years’ experience in Records
and Archives Management.
 Basic knowledge and reasonable experience
in supervision of work streams/staff.
 Co-ordination of the Municipality’s Registry
and Records function and oversees the
implementation of policies, procedures
applications, systems and controls to facilitate
and support the recording, updating,
circulation and maintenance of the registry
component as well as the implementation,
maintenance and monitoring functions.
Renders an archive service that includes
recording and filing of incoming and outgoing
mail including assistance with Contract
Management (in terms of both manual and
electronic filing), implements and maintains
procedures and systems associated with
controlling document and correspondence
flow, storage, retrieval and disposal.
Supervision of staff within the records and
archives component.
 Monitors and co-ordinates the
implementation of policies, procedures,
systems and controls related to the receiving
updating and recording of documents,
circulars reports minutes, agendas, archiving document management systems
Trieval systems printing systems etc.
 Monitors the status of correspondence
received and distributed to the relevant
officials for action.
 Ensures correct filing of all correspondence
and that it is made available timeously when
required by devising and establishment of
control measures.
 Ensures that correct reference numbers are
allocated to all internal correspondence,
resolutions, memorandums and bulletins prior
to circulation.
 Ensures that the information contained in
records is managed effectively throughout the
municipality by drafting and implementing a
records management policy.
 Ensuring that the municipality has an
approved file plan by liaising with the
Provincial Archives and ensuring that
amendments to the filing system are effected.
 Monitoring adherence to procedural
requirements related to the accessing and
issuing of document files and/ or coordinating
sequences to facilitate document/ file retrieval
from users.
 Maintaining and updating copies of legislation
(Acts), By-laws and Standing Orders.
 Makes application for disposal authority from
the provincial archives to facilitate the
archiving and disposal of aged/ obsolete
 Monitoring adherence to procedural
requirements related to the accessing and
issuing of documents files and /or
 Updating and forwarding records of
equipment located within the Section and
reports on loss/damage.
 Ensures that information is made available to
support settlement of insurance claims.
 Providing and revising a records management
 Checking the availability, accuracy and
adequacy of current information to satisfy
information requirements and reporting on
barriers to effective information services
Failure to comply with the provision of any of these advertisements and/or the canvassing of Councilors and/or
officials and/or rendering of false information on the application, will result in disqualification. The appointment
of any applicant is at the sole discretion of the Municipality. The Municipality is an equal opportunity, affirmative
action employer. The Municipality’s target is to appoint from the previously disadvantaged group and people with
Application forms will be obtainable on our website
or at our HR Office.
Application in a sealed envelope,
clearly marked (Application of the Post together with the Certified copies of qualifications: …) a
relevant post and the Department addressed to the Acting Municipal Manager, uMngeni Municipality, P O Box
5, Howick, 3290,
must be received by the Registry Section on/or before 30th September 2021.
No faxed or late
applications will be accepte
For enquiries please call the respective Departments through Switchboard number (033 – 2399200)
If you are not contacted within fourteen (14) days after closing date you should consider your application


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