The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) is an equal opportunity; affirmative action
employer and it is the intention to promote representivity in the Public Sector through the filling of this post.
Persons whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity will therefore receive preference.
An indication in this regard will be vital in the processing of applications. People with disabilities and women
are encouraged to apply.

APPLICATIONS : Please read carefully and follow instructions as stated below: Applications must be
forwarded to
. Applicants are directed to only quote the
reference number of the post they are applying for, on the subject section of the
email, e.g. “DMRE/2020/0001” or Ref No: DMRE/2020/0001. Failure to follow the
direction above may result in the application being incorrectly administered.
Applicants are also advised to scan and compress their applications into one pdf
document or similar un-editable format not bigger than 5 megabytes containing a
signed Z.83 form and a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae only. Copies of the
qualifications will only be requested by the Department from shortlisted candidates.
General enquiries may be brought to the
FOR ATTENTION : Ms T Sibutha Tel No: (012) 444 3319 / Mr P Ndlovu Tel No: (012) 406 7506/ Mr
Donald Mbhokota Tel No: (012) 406 7426
CLOSING DATE : 05 January 2021
NOTE : A Z.83 form is can be obtained online from Departmental Website
( or as well as other Government Departments. All
sections of the Z83 must be completed (In full, accurately, legibly, signed and
dated) and a comprehensive CV and three reference persons with the following
information: name and contact numbers and indication of the capacity in which the
reference is known to the candidate. Failure to submit the form Z83 and
comprehensive CV will result in the application being disqualified. It is the
applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South
African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on application, which will only be required
if shortlisted. In case of SMS Posts, shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a
Technical exercise and Competency Assessments. Note that correspondence will
only be limited to the short-listed candidates. If an invitation of an interview is not
received within three (3) months after the closing date, please regard your
application as unsuccessful. Requirements stated on the advertised posts are
minimum inherent requirements; therefore, criterion for shortlisting will depend on
the proficiency of the applications received. Applicants must note that personnel
suitability checks will be conducted once they are short-listed and that their
appointment is subject to positive outcomes of these checks, which include security
screening, security vetting, qualification verification, criminal records and financial
records checks. Reference checks will also be done during the selection process.
Applicants who do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements, as well as
application received after the closing date will not be considered. If an applicant
wishes to withdraw an application, He/ She must do so in writing. The Department
reserves the right not to fill an advertised post at any stage of the recruitment
process. For SMS posts in the Public Service, no appointment shall be effected
without the recommended candidate producing a Certificate of completion for the
SMS Pre-Entry Programme (Nyukela) offered by the National School of
government which can be accessed via this link:
ERRATUM: Kindly note that the post of Occupational Hygiene Technical Advisor
Ref No: DMRE/2020/0019 advertised in Public Service Vacancy Circular 27 dated
27 November 2020 on Salary Level 11 has been amended from (R733 257 per
annum (Level 11) (All-inclusive package) to the correct salary level of (R869 007
per annum (Level 12) (All-inclusive package). The closing date has been extended
to 18 December 2020.

R173 703 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : North West: Rustenburg Regional Office

REQUIREMENTS : A matric/ Grade 12 certificate coupled with working experience PLUS the following
competencies: Knowledge of: Knowledge of data capturing processes;
Administrative processes and policies. Public service policies. Skills: Computer
literacy (MS Office package); Ability to use spreadsheet and data capturing
packages; Ability to meet deadlines; Strong interpersonal and problem-solving
skills. Numeracy. Communication Thinking Demands: Innovative and creative
thinking abilities. Accuracy. Others: Ability to work under pressure and as part of
the team; Ability to perform routine tasks.

DUTIES : Capture Occupational Hygiene returns. Record and file all hygiene records, reports
and correspondences regarding mines and its employees. Capture ventilation and
rescue plans received from the mines in the region. Record and update
Occupational Hygiene database. Render advisory service to internal and external
clients with respect to occupational hygiene process and procedures. Forward all
Occupational Hygiene related enquiries to Directorate: Occupational Hygiene at
Head Office.

ENQUIRIES : Mr NHM Mothiba Tel No: (014) 594 9240

R257 508 per annum (Level 07)
CENTRE North-West, Klerksdorp Regional Office

REQUIREMENTS A matric certificate coupled with 3 years’ experience Plus the following
competencies: Knowledge of: Archive Act and its related prescripts. Departmental
business processes. Public Service delivery and Customer care. Skills:
Communication Interpersonal. Computer. Verbal and written communication.
Numeracy and Conflict resolution. Thinking Demands: Innovative and creative
thinking abilities. Ability to work under pressure. Ability to work beyond working

DUTIES : Administration of Promotion to Access of Information. Oversee an effective mail
services (receive, delivering, opening, sorting and distribution thereof).
Oversee/Maintaining a proper and effective filling system of old and new files (in
terms of the MPRDA and Minerals Act). Ensure proper record keeping and timeous
updating of registers, including the maintaining of pending files and documents.
Provide inputs to management report. Supervise the operation and operate registry
office machines and Identify, investigate and report irregularities (e.g. private use
of photocopier, fax etc.).
ENQUIRIES : Ms T Njoboko Tel No: (018) 487 4300
NOTE : A Valid Driver’s Licence

R257 508 per annum (Level 07)
CENTRE : Head Office, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate National Diploma Office Administration coupled with a minimum of
3 year experience as an administration clerk. Plus the following competencies:
Knowledge of: Knowledge on the relevant legislation/ polities/prescripts and
procedures. Basic knowledge on financial administration. Knowledge of
Departmental prescripts. Basic Office Management Skills. Skills: Language skills
and the ability to communicate well with people at different levels and from different
background. Good telephone etiquette. Computer literacy. Sound organizational
skills. Good people skills. Thinking Demands: Planning and execution. Quality of
work. Acceptance of Responsibility. Job knowledge. Mentoring and Coaching.

DUTIES : Render logistical support. Administer Supply Chain and related activities. Ensure
document management within the Chief directorate. Administer the Chief
Directorate’s budget. Coordinate and/or administer Human Resource Management

ENQUIRIES : Ms T Maimane Tel No: (012) 406 7470

R257 073 – R351 795 per annum (MR3 – MR5)
CENTRE : Head Office, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate LLB Degree, coupled with relevant experience. Plus the following
competencies: Knowledge of: South African Legal System. Constitutional and
Administrative Law. Law of Contract. Mineral and Energy Resources Policies and
Acts. Public Service Acts and legislation. Skills: Legal Drafting and Interpretation
Skills. Research skills. Ability to interpret and apply legislation. Computer literacy.
Communication skills (verbal and written). Ability to work independently. Innovate
thinking. Thinking Demands: Information evaluation. Decision making. Problem

DUTIES : Provide legal advice and opinions to the Department and Minister. Draft and vet
legislation, Subordinate legislation, legal documents, memoranda, reports and
submissions on a variety of matters. Provide advice on appeals lodged against
administrative decisions taken in terms of legislation administered by the
Department. Oversee all litigation by and against the Department / Minister in terms
of court rules and applicable legislation. Act as legal representative for the
Department in various forums. Monitor compliance with PAIA and PAJA.

ENQUIRIES : Ms S Naidoo Tel No: (012) 406 7508
NOTE : A Written Assessment will be conducted, and all applications must include a
certified copy of course credits

R316 791 per annum (Level 08)
CENTRE Head Office, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS an appropriate National Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Human
Resource Development coupled with a minimum of 1 year experience as a
Personnel/ HR Officer PLUS the following competencies: Knowledge of:
Understanding HRM operations and prescripts in the Public Service and
Regulations. Basic knowledge of recruitment and selection systems and processes
within Public Service. Basic knowledge of employment equity systems and
processes within Public Service. Skills: Communication skills. Interpersonal skills.
Planning and Organising skills. Problem solving skills. Computer literacy skills.
Thinking Demands: Innovative and creative thinking abilities. Problem solving.
Information evaluation. Others: Ability to work under pressure and as part of the
team; Ability to perform routine tasks.

DUTIES : Render recruitment and selection services within the Department. Provide inputs
on the development and maintenance of recruitment and selection policies,
procedures and practices and implementation thereof. Implement, maintain, and
monitor human resource practices & policy. Maintain and update recruitment and
selection information. Provide advice and information on the
administration/application of HR processes and practices. Conduct exit interviews
with outgoing employees of the Department. Supervise and develop staff.

ENQUIRIES : Ms L Maluleka Tel No: (012) 406 7421
NOTE : Woman, Coloureds, Indians a well as people with disabilities are encouraged to

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